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Using Twitter to promote your business
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With more than 320 million active users across the globe, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most influential digital platforms in the world. The platform offers a chance to engage customers, attract new ones and build brand awareness – all without dipping into your marketing budget.

Investing time in Twitter can provide small businesses and start-ups with important information on their competitors, as well as helping them identify trends, engage with industry opportunities, and understand the wider challenges that could impact on their businesses. It can also be used to gain feedback on ideas and new products during the development phase.

Twitter best practice

  • A great tweet is one that interrupts the feed, engages with an audience and informs them of something 
  • Twitter allows businesses to target their marketing efforts towards those likely to be interested in particular products or services
  • Ensure you have appropriate budget and a well-considered plan

Helen Vinsen, director of publicity and events at MOA Marketing says: “A good tweet is often helped by using a picture, and due to the nature of Twitter, you can also link other parties into the message, which allows them to react, enhance your message, and open up a dialogue.”

Success stories

“We ran a large Twitter ad campaign when we first launched the Birmingham Zombie Bootcamp on our site,” explains Tom Bourlet, senior digital marketer at the Stag Company. “This helped to increase enquiries by 70%, as well as gaining us some media attention. Birmingham had not previously been a strong destination for us, but due to the campaign we ran, its popularity has increased massively.”

“The key differentiator [from other social networks] is the ability to keyword monitor and therefore target your efforts,” he says. “While on Facebook it would be incredibly odd to add someone you don’t know, there doesn’t seem to be the same barrier on Twitter, making it a great tool to communicate with influencers.”

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The openness and popularity of Twitter means that competition for the attention of customers can be fierce. Small businesses and start-ups must truly engage with the digital community that Twitter offers in order to stand out from the crowd.

“Twitter is faster paced than any other major social media platform,” says Jesse Norton, head of creative at content and communications agency Flibl. “Success comes from offering up content that’s relevant, interesting and fresh – which can certainly be a challenge in just 140 characters!” 

To stand out from the crowd:

  • Plan carefully
  • Interact with existing communities - be open to engaging with other companies alongside potential customers
  • Show off your brand personality with creativity and flair
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