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Bankline helpdesk and top tips

What does the Bankline helpdesk support?
Bankline helpdesk can support
  • Logging into Bankline
  • Managing Bankline users and roles
  • Setting up payments on Bankline
  • Managing accounts on Bankline
  • Help using the features of Bankline
  • Advice on how to find information in Bankline
  • Help with bulk payments and templates
Bankline helpdesk can NOT support
  • Providing balances and statements
  • Providing historic statements
  • Managing payments that are “held awaiting funds”
  • Setting up standing orders
  • Stopping cheques
  • Recalling faster payments
  • Cancelling payments

Please contact your Customer Services team who will be able to help you with the information above not covered by the Bankline helpdesk.

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Need support with Bankline?

1. Self-serve

2. Web chat

3. Call us

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