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Information for administrators

How to manage the automated PIN and password reset feature

The automated PIN and password reset feature allows users to order an activation code to their registered Bankline email address that they can then use to reset their PIN and password. This will be particularly useful if you (as their local customer administrator) are not available to order this for them online, via the manage users screen. Before the introduction of this feature a 'password reset' form was required to be signed and sent to the bank if the administrator was unavailable to reset them online. In some situations it could have been several hours before the user was up and running again. This new feature will save time for you and your users, helping you to further improve the efficiency of your business.

If at any time you decide that this time-saving feature is not something you wish to take advantage of, all you need to do is change the ‘automated PIN/password reset’ preference on the ‘customer details’ screen within ‘administration’ to ‘no’.

Regardless of how an activation code is ordered it is always a good idea to make sure that all your users’ Bankline email addresses are kept up-to-date.


Icon expand How to change the ‘automated PIN/password reset’ preference

To change the ‘automated PIN/password reset’ preference:

  1. Go to Administration > Customer details.
  2. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as required in the ‘automated PIN/password reset’ preference.
  3. Select confirm to continue. 

4. The confirmation screen is now displayed and will show the following message: "Please note that this will take up to 15 minutes to take effect after the changes have been fully authorised". Select update, you will then be prompted to use your smartcard to complete the change.


5. If 'dual administration' is on, an additional authoriser will need to approve the request. Please note that the 15 minutes for the changes to take effect will commence after the change has been 'dual authorised'.

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