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Information for users

How to use the automated PIN and password reset feature

When the automated PIN and password administration preference is set to ‘yes’ you can select a ‘forgotten PIN/password’ link on the Bankline log-on screen to request an activation code. If the request is accepted the code will be sent to your registered Bankline email address within 30 minutes.

Please remember that the fastest way to reset your PIN and password is to ask your own Bankline administrator to order a new activation code for you via the 'manage users' screen.


Icon expand How to use the automated PIN and password reset option to order an activation code

To use the automated PIN and password reset option to order an activation code:


1. Key in your Customer ID and User ID in the Bankline log on screen. Click on ‘continue’.

2. The next screen asks you to enter a random selection of characters from your Bankline PIN and password.

3. If you have forgotten your PIN or password, you can then order an activation code by clicking on the ‘forgotten PIN/password’ link.


4. Once you click on the ‘Forgotten PIN/password’ link it will take you to another page to enter your registered Bankline user email address.


5. Enter your registered Bankline user email address and select ‘continue’.

  • It’s important that you enter the email address correctly as all your details will be validated before an activation code is sent.
  • If you are not sure of your user email address we recommend that you check with your local administrator who can confirm this for you and update it if required.

6. If any of your details are incorrect you will see an error message (please see the screenshot below).

  • You should check the details you have entered carefully and try again.
  • The automated reset process will be temporarily suspended if you continue to enter incorrect details, and you will be directed to your local administrator to order the activation code for you on this occasion.


7. If your request has been accepted, you will see a confirmation message (please see the screenshot below), and an acknowledgement will be emailed to you. Your local administrator will also receive a copy of the acknowledgement.


8. Your activation code will then be sent within 30 minutes. Once received you can use it to log back into Bankline and reset your PIN/password.

If you receive an acknowledgement email, or an activation code, that you have NOT requested DO NOT use it, but contact the Bankline helpdesk immediately.


If you’re not sure what your Bankline registered user email address is, your local administrator will be able to check this for you.

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