Business savings

Start saving for your
business's future today

Plan for your business's future with the right savings account

Business Reserve

Earn interest on money you're not using, or that you're saving for the future with our Business Reserve account.

Liquidity Manager Notice Account

If you want to earn higher returns on your savings, in return for giving notice to withdraw your funds, our Liquidity Manager Notice Account offers 35 or 95 day options.

Treasury Reserve

It’s ideal if you don’t need immediate access to your savings. Larger savings amounts and longer terms mean better rates. You can save as much as you like for up to 12 months.

Manage clients' funds more efficiently

Manage your clients’ fund more efficiently and boost returns on surplus liquidity with our client deposit accounts and online services. These accounts are suitable for regulated firms such as law firms, accountancy practices, insolvency practitioners and property managers who manage clients’ monies.

Client Deposit Manager

Earn daily interest on the money you hold for your clients and help maximise your short to medium-term returns.

Clients' Monies Service

An efficient, secure internet-based system that helps you manage third party funds.

Manage your savings account

Get more from your savings account with helpful information on managing your account, interest rates, online and mobile banking, additional products and more.  

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