Smart Data Online

How does Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) impact Smart Data Online?

PSD (2) is a new EU initiative that aims to reduce fraud and keep you safe online. It mandates the use of strong customer authentication (SCA) in specified scenarios. This means that, from September 2019, users will need to complete 2-factor-authentication in order to access Smart Data Online

In order to meet the requirements of SCA, RSA soft tokens will be issued to all Smart Data users.

  • All users will receive an email with an encrypted RSA seed.
  • The company encryption key will  be set by the company Admin and be communicated to users through another channel.
  • Users will need to download the RSA secure software, decrypt the seed and import the soft token. 
  • The soft token will then generate a one-time-passcode needed to access Smart Data Online. 
  • A simple 4 digit PIN will be used to generate the one-time-passcodes on all future occasions. 

The features and functionality of Smart Data Online will be unaffected by the changes. The implementation of 2-factor-authentication removes the need to remember lengthy passwords and adds an additional layer of security.