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At Royal Bank of Scotland we’ve been involved in the franchising world for over 30 years. Our team of dedicated franchise Relationship Managers provide expert support and guidance to the franchisees and franchisors across the UK, to help this exciting sector grow.
Security may be required. Product fees may apply. Over 18s only. Any property used as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other debt secured on it.

Is franchising right for you?


Thinking of becoming a franchisee

Starting up a new business always carries a risk, but a franchise could reduce it. That’s because you’re using the proven business system of your franchisor. They’ve already gone through the process of finding out what works and what doesn’t and are on hand to help you replicate their success.


Thinking of becoming a franchisor

You may be interested in Franchising your business where you, as franchisor, grant a licence to your franchisees to operate a business under your name. You will be giving them a system to market your products or services for a specified period, and often in a specified geographical area. 

Some things to consider

The hard part is settling on an industry to work in, so choose a business you’ll be happy to work in day-after-day. Think about the kind of hours you’re prepared to work. Some franchise businesses operate during office hours, while others do most of their work during evenings and weekends.

All franchises have rules to help them maintain the consistency of their products, services and the brand itself. You’ll often be provided with an operations manual that provides all the information you need to operate that business. Be a little cautious if there are no measures in place to help you deliver to specific standards.

It’s worth getting a really comprehensive understanding of whether it’s a good franchise to get involved with. Check out their business stability and make sure the franchisor has operated for a number of years to prove the business works. Find out when the business started and when they started to franchise.

You’ll have to accept any restrictions placed on you by the franchisor, including those that apply if you decide to leave. Make sure you speak to the franchisor about restrictions, small print or any potential sticking points you might want to completely understand before accepting.

Do your research and get a view of what life is like in the network. Don’t accept the views of the one franchisee you’ve been introduced to by the franchisor – they might not be particularly representative. Try to speak to a range of people: those who have been very successful, and those who’ve been less so.

As with any business, franchising is not a guarantee, but it’s important to know why franchisees fail. These are some of the questions you should consider:

  • Is it because the market declined?
  • Is it from lack of franchisor support?
  • Or is down to inexperienced staff?

Both parties will be required to sign a Franchise Agreement, so make sure you’ve read all of it and fully understand it before you do. Take note of any upfront fees and always seek independent legal advice before you sign on the dotted line.

Industry partnerships

Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF)

We've been partnering with EWIF since they started 10 years ago. Over that time, we've been honoured to be able to celebrate some fantastic achievements. The professionalism and achievements from every women involved is inspiring.

British Franchise Association (BFA)

We are affiliated members of the BFA, the voice of ethical franchising throughout the UK. To become a member of the BFA, all professional advisors to the UK franchise industry must be accredited, so you can be rest assured your support is from our very knowledgeable advisors. 

Meet the team

Our franchise team are on hand to support you. With an excellent understanding of the franchise industry and the economic trends that affect it, we're ready to give you support on the areas you want it.

Speak to the team

If you need more information, or have any questions, speak to your Business Development Manager, or get in touch with the team using the link below.

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