Save time. Get a clear picture of your team's expenses

onecard could be ideal if you have multiple employees in your business who make business purchases but need flexibility to control purchases and expenses

ClearSpend, a free app that gives you complete control of your account in real-time – view all cardholder transactions, set credit limits and block and enable cards

£45 annual fee per cardholder

Use for business procurement, travel & entertainment spending

You can either give employees their own card or use the hosted onecard option, where details are lodged with specific suppliers and all spend goes against one card number

Easier VAT reclaims as you won’t need invoices to reclaim VAT

This card in detail...


Manage your spending with ClearSpend

Smart Data Online



Reduce admin time and costs

Replace payment methods with per transaction charges and eliminate the need for you to process employee expenses.

More control

Set monthly and single transaction limits and merchant blocking restrictions.

Tailor to your expense policy

Use Smart Data OnLine (SDOL), our market leading expense management software

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Please note that you can only apply for a onecard if you represent a:

UK registered company

A limited company or other corporate body, or

UK public sector organisation, or

A Partnership of four or more partners, or

Charity without individuals as trustees

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What is your annual turnover?

The OneCard is available to businesses with a turnover of £2 million or more. If you are interested in our business cards, why not check out what's available below.

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Interest and fees

Foreign card transactions (including purchases of foreign currency and travellers' cheques) will be converted into Sterling using the MasterCard Payment Scheme Exchange Rate as applicable at the date of the debit. This rate may not be the same as the rate that applied on the date the transaction was made, if the payment is processed by MasterCard after that date. To see the up-to-date rates used please visit