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Royal Bank of Scotland e-invoicing is a fast and secure way to manage invoices and purchase orders in both your accounts receivable and accounts payable to boost the efficiency of your supply chain. 

Royal Bank of Scotland e-Invoicing lets you do the following:

Manage your invoices and purchase orders electronically – create, send, receive and process invoices, statements, purchase orders, and more.
Remove paper-based invoicing – replace manual systems with a faster online system.
Access your latest management information – review and analyse management data in real time and get an instant picture of your invoicing status across multiple finance systems.
Connect suppliers’ and customers’ invoicing systems – and send and receive electronic invoices and purchase orders across your network, securely and easily.
Support existing accounting systems – it doesn’t matter what accounting software you, your suppliers or customers use, e-Invoicing works with all of them. And it’s accessible from any internet browser.
Manage data delivery in real time – take advantage of better payment terms offered by suppliers and optimise your key accounting and financial performance measures.
Eliminate errors and bottlenecks – straight-through processing reduces manual errors and costs; e-Invoicing can even automatically match and approve invoices with their corresponding purchase orders.
Fully VAT-compliant documents – ensure the invoices you send and receive comply with HMRC VAT requirements and the EU VAT Directive (2006/112/EU) which allows businesses to send and receive financial documents electronically.
Support major file formats – capable of processing invoices produced in a number of different data formats, such as EDI, XML and CSV.
Use digital signatures – our secure service guarantees that files haven’t changed since they were sent, and confirms the identity of the sender.
Reduce your environmental impact – e-Invoicing was recognised by the 2011 Green Apple awards for Environmental Best Practice.  

Accounts Payable

Royal Bank of Scotland e-Invoicing helps you and your suppliers by enabling them to invoice you electronically for their products and services.

The process varies across different accounts payable functions, but typically includes:

Administrative checks – to confirm the invoice includes all the necessary information to process your payments.
Matching and reconciliation – e-Invoicing automatically matches any invoices with purchase orders generated by your accounting system.
Workflow management – your authorisers will receive an alert when an invoice is ready to review or approve. Multiple authorisers can be appointed for large invoices.
Status reports – your suppliers can check the progress of their invoices on the system.
Supplier alerts – get real time confirmation of documents sent through e-Invoicing and other status update messages.
Audit trails – every transaction and user event is recorded giving you a clear audit trail.
Digital Archiving – all data is stored for a minimum of one year. If required, we can store data for up to seven years to satisfy relevant statutory requirements.
Supplier choice - suppliers can choose the way they want to submit invoices, depending on their own preference and IT capabilities. Options include:
    • Webscreen – a straightforward option for suppliers with simple accounting or bookkeeping systems. Users simplyenter invoice data directly into a pre-formatted webpage and submit.
    • Document (PO) Flip – this option is the same as the Webscreen, however users can pre-populate their invoices with data from a purchase order, saving time and improving accuracy.
    • ebPrinter® – the user installs our free software application and then ‘prints’ their documents to the ebPrinter which secures the data and sends it to your system.
    • Manual/Automated File Upload – invoices can be manually or automatically exported from your supplier’s accounting system and uploaded directly into the e-Invoicing service.
    • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – we can work with suppliers to utilise their existing EDI connectivity and connect them to the service.

Accounts Receivable

Improve the efficiency of your accounts receivable without changing your existing systems. Royal Bank of Scotland e-Invoicing works alongside any accounting system, regardless of the provider or data format. The integrated service includes:

Invoice uploading – a direct feed from your existing systems submits invoices to e-Invoicing, which can be accessed securely online.
Electronic delivery – your invoices can be delivered as VAT compliant, PDF files and customers can download invoices in data formats such as XML or CSV.
Customer alerts – once a new invoice has been sent, your customer will receive an email notification.
Status reports – real-time invoice statuses such as ‘viewed’ , ‘queried’, ‘downloaded’ and ‘paid’
Online query management – allows buyers and suppliers to respond to queries such as discrepancies in price or quantity and builds a detailed audit trail of the query.
Full audit trail – every transaction and user event is fully recorded so you can keep track of all your documents and transactions.
Digital archiving – all data is stored for a minimum of one year. If required, we can store data for up to seven years to satisfy relevant statutory requirements.

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