RBS Business Banking Caller ID scam

Caller ID scams

The fraudsters use caller ID spoofing as an additional layer to add credibility to Vishing attacks, to convince our customers that the call is genuine. The caller will typically purport to be from a fraud department, and will describe an urgent scenario in an attempt to obtain your co-operation in disclosing online security codes. Once the fraudster has obtained these codes they will transfer funds out of your account. Alternatively, you may be asked to transfer funds on the pretext that there is fraud on your account. Find out more about Telephone Scams.

If you were to dial 1471 after the call, it would confirm the number initially displayed – not necessarily the actual number used.

Remember: We will never ask you for:

  • Full PIN/Password online
  • Full details of your PIN/Password, or any card reader codes over the telephone: beware of imposters
  • Card reader codes at log in.

The Bank will also never ask you to pay money out of your account in response to a fraud.

For further information on Caller ID Scams please visit Action Fraud.

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