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What are
business rates?

Business rates explained

Known as non-domestic rates in Scotland, these are a tax paid on non-domestic properties by all businesses and companies to help pay for local services. The amount you pay is worked out by multiplying the business rates with the rateable value of the property your business occupies.

Do I need to pay business rates?

If you occupy a building – or part of one – that is non-residential, then you’ll likely be required to pay business rates.

Business rates are collected by your local council who keep a proportion of what is paid, and use it to fund the cost of local services.

Calculate my rate

How are rates calculated?

Find out how your rates are set, and by who.

How can I pay?

Find out how you can make regular business rate payments.

Help calculating your rates

Support to help you work out what you will pay.

I need help paying

A helping hand

We all struggle financially from time to time. Get in touch if you need some help working things out.

Business rate discounts

You may be eligible for business rate relief or discounts.

What if I don't pay?

It's really important to pay the rates required of you.

I work from home

Am I exempt?

If you work from home, then you may not have to business rates. If you use a small part of your house to run a business (a spare bedroom converted into an office, for example) or your business is based around selling goods to be sent via post, then it’s unlikely you will have to pay business rates.

In some cases however...

There are particular scenarios that will result in you having to pay both council tax and business rates.

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