Corporate security

How to keep your company
safe and secure

Your company could be targeted in ways that you wouldn't always expect.

This page provides advice on what to look out for and some tips on avoiding corporate security issues.

Corporate identify theft

When fraudsters grab hold of your corporate identity, they can order goods and services in your company’s name or trade illegally on your reputation.

And it’s easier than you might expect. Fraudsters can file false documents with Companies House. They may try to change details such as your company’s directors and registered office – then use these details to defraud your business.


Look after your corporate identity by following these steps:

Check - regularly confirm the registered details of your company and its directors at Companies House.

Put alerts in place - consider registering with Companies House for Protected Online Filing (PROOF) and subscribing to MONITOR, the service that issues an alert if any company information is changed.

Don’t rely solely on Companies House records – Companies House maintains public records. It’s not designed to be a crime prevention or credit reference agency.

Double check your information – use with trade associations, professional bodies and trusted internet sites. However, fraudsters can also set up internet sites to back up their claims.

Office security

Non- employees such as visitors, contractors or cleaners will probably have access to your premises every day. It's improtant to manage this to ensure there is no unauthorised access which could result in fraud. Follow these tips below to keep you secure.

Restrict access to sensitive areas of the office – with identity tags or restricted access.

Keep tabs on sensitive material that is taken out of the office by staff.

Keep data and information secure - ensure all company data and customer information is properly security controlled.

Educate staff about password confidentiality and reinforce this regularly.

Shred almost everything before discarding.

Check and review systems and processes with security in mind. Do this regularly and thoroughly.


Employee fraud

The biggest threat could come from within. If your business doesn’t have the right procedures in place, you could face serious threats. 

In some instances, organised criminals will attempt to put individuals inside an organisation. The below are key signs to look out for:

A new member of staff who resigns shortly after joining.

An employee that doesn’t want to take their holiday entitlement.

Complaints from customers regarding missing documents or unrecognised transactions.

A change in an employee’s behaviour, lifestyle, personality or performance.

An employee’s unusually close relationship with suppliers or contractors.

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