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Step 1 - Check you can apply


                                                            ✔   You are aged 18 or over

                                                            ✔   Your Company has been registered with Companies House for 48 hours

                                                            ✔   You are a director of the business you're applying on behalf of

                                                            ✔   You are not currently declared as bankrupt

Step 2 - Reading our important documents

Please read and download our important documents below that contain

information about our business accounts and charges

Step 3 - Preparing your information

Before starting your application, it will help to have the following personal and business information ready



Personal Details



    Required for all directors and signatories

    Full names
    Date of birth
    Home addresses in the last 3 years
    Date of entry to your addresses
    Contact details
    Details of experience




Business Details

    Companies Registration Number

     (Provided by Companies House)
    Trading name(s)
    Business addresses
    Estimated income
    Financial year dates
    Date you started/will start trading
    International relationships

    (E.g. any non UK countries you pay tax in)

Ready to start?

By starting your application, you are confirming that you have saved and/or printed a copy of the above documents
and accept that upon completing this application, you will become bound by the terms contained in those documents.


Start application

Foundation Account

As part of an application for our Business Current Account or Startup Package, we undertake credit scoring as part of the application.
In some instances where we find we cannot provide you with our Business Current Account and Startup Package, we may talk to you about our Foundation Account. There are no borrowing facilities available with a Foundation Account.

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