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Before starting, please confirm:


✔     You are aged 18 or over

✔     You are a director, sole trader or partner of the business you're applying on behalf of

✔     You are not currently declared as bankrupt

Is your business a Limited Company?


If so, please make sure your Limited Company has already been registered with

Companies House for at least 48 hours before starting your application with us


What information you need for your application:


1) Personal details of any directors, partners and signatories

        This includes full names, personal addresses (along with date of entry), contact details and place of birth


2) Details about your business


  •     Trading and any registration addressess, along with business contact detaills
  •     Information about your business activity and number of employees
  •     Any other trading names your business uses
  •     Details of when your financial year ends


3) If your business is a Limited Company, you must have your Company Number

        This is provided by Companies House when you register your Limited Company with them


4) Details of any countries you, or your business, are registered for tax purposes in


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Foundation Account

If you don’t qualify for our Startup Business Current Account package (for example if you have a poor credit history)  we will talk to you about our Foundation Account when we receive your application.

There are no borrowing facilities available with a Foundation Account.

I accept.
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