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Cash Deposits

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Business Quick Deposit

Using our specially designed wallets, you don’t need to wait about. Funds deposited before 3.30pm will be processed the same day.
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Consolidated Cash

Suitable for deposits of less than £500 in notes or more than £150 in coin, picked up from your premises and taken directly to a cash centre.

Direct Cash In

Suitable for businesses that regularly deposit at least £500 in notes or £150 in coin, picked up from your premises and taken directly to a cash centre.

How to prepare your banking

Business Quick Deposit

Direct Cash In

Cash Withdrawals

You can withdraw notes and coins from any Royal Bank branch. Withdraw large volumes regularly, or small amounts on an ad hoc basis. Save time by ordering amounts, and specific denominations, in advance.

If you need substantial volumes of cash, we can deliver this direct to your premises using a secure carrier company.


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Special Cheques

We can provide you with contact details of accredited printers who can supply special cheque books personalised with your company logo and corporate design.
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Guarantee Scheme

The Payments Council closed the Cheque Guarantee Scheme on 30 June 2011. You can still accept and issue cheques although you cannot guarantee them.
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Payments Council

The Payments Council has announced the 2018 date for closure of cheque clearing is withdrawn, cheques will continue for as long as customers need them.

Drafts Payments

Banker's drafts

For larger value payments where cash is not appropriate, you can order a banker's draft from our branches. 

Contact your Business Manager for more details of all our services and charges.

Anything else we can help with?

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