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Contact Premier by phone

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Make larger value domestic, international payments or book an appointment with your Premier Banking Manager.

Telephone: 0333 202 3332
International: +44 131 278 3507
Minicom: 0800 027 1398

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Our tips and tools can help you get prepared, with everything from using your cards abroad to how to order foreign currency.

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We're here to support you

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If your travel is limited due to Coronavirus, remember you can do the majority of your everyday banking via our mobile app.

Check balances or transactions, move money between your accounts and Message Us with any questions.

App criteria applies.

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I'm already a NatWest customer

If you're an existing NatWest customer you can talk to us about joining or changing your existing account.
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Change my existing account

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Talk to us about Premier

Already a NatWest customer? Speak to one of our team about joining Premier. We'll confirm a few details and arrange a time that suits to speak to one of our Premier Banking Managers who'll help get you started with Premier.

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