Trade Finance

Flexible funding options tailored to business needs of domestic and international traders

What is trade finance?

Trade finance is an umbrella term for financial products that companies can use to support and facilitate international and domestic trade. The function of trade finance is to introduce a third party to transactions to remove the payment risk and supply risk, by using the shipment or trade of goods as collateral for financing. It can be an important tool in boosting efficiency of operations and improving cash flow.

Benefits of trade finance...


Mitigate risk

Helps protect against the unique risks of international trade such as currency fluctuations, issues of non-payment or creditworthiness of a party involved

Tailored solutions

Allows importers and exporters access to many financial solutions that can be tailored to their situation and often many products can be used in tandem to support the transaction

Cashflow efficiency

Helps to ensure fewer delays in payments and in shipments, allowing both importers and exporters to run their businesses and plan their cash flow more efficiently

We have four types of trade financing options

Thanks to our expertise in global trade finance, we could help you by improving your companies cashflow, and gaining control over your imports and exports. Our trade finance products aim to ensure any risks are mitigated and provide you and your trading partners with reassurance.

Letters of Credit

Reduce trade risk. Import Letters of Credit are our commitment to pay your supplier on your behalf. Or for exporters guarantee of payment before you commit to sending goods.

Documentary Collections

Cover your business against performance risk. Negotiate new payment terms with suppliers, offering better security for both sides.

Trade Loans

This short term working capital funding can help source, produce, package and ship your goods – whether trading in the UK or internationally.

Bonds & Bank Guarantees

Give your trading partners and customers confidence. Bonds and guarantees give your international suppliers more reassurance, as long as they meet the terms of the sales contract.

Discover our international foreign currency accounts

Trading overseas? A foreign currency account could mean you don’t need to convert currency into sterling - and vice versa. We can tailor a range of accounts to meet your specific needs.

Business Currency Bank Account

Make and receive payments in foreign currency simply and safely

Business Currency Call Deposit Account

Manage surplus funds with our international currency instant access deposit account

Related products and services

Managing risk

Help protect against the impact of exchange rate fluctuations and the risk of not being paid


Our secure online platform lets you manage your international trade transactions from anywhere, 24 hours a day

Accounts and payments

Manage cashflow and keep control of your global finances with foreign currency accounts and trade payments solutions

Exporting is GREAT

Your business could benefit from exporting and our international trade finance could support your venture. We’re proud to support the UK Government’s campaign to inspire and assist more businesses to sell their goods and services overseas.

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