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Autopay Online

Your new way to pay

Autopay Online is available to customers who have a Royal Bank of Scotland business current account.

What is Autopay Online?

Autopay Online gives you access to Bacs payments with no need for Bacs sponsorship. Our secure online service allows you to make payments and view your Bacs reports at your own convenience.

We charge a monthly fee, plus charges for making individual payments.

Autopay Online Tutorial: Making a Payment Using a Template

Why use Autopay Online?

Make Bacs payments and view your Bacs reports online at your convenience

 Make instant changes to your payee details

Add unlimited users and tailor their access to suit your business needs

Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication Key Fob to help keep you and your users safe online

Is Autopay Online the right product for me?
  Digital Banking Bankline Autopay Online
Raise Bacs payments No No
Raise Faster payments Yes Yes No
Number of payments authorised at the same time Yes (up to 15 per bulk list) Yes (unlimited) Yes (up to 250)
Create and manage payments templates and bulk lists No Yes Yes
Daily Gross payment limit £50,000 Any amount up to your available funds Any amount up to your credit limit
Control user access and privileges within your business No Yes Yes
Monthly service fee No fees Charges are based on numbers of accounts and payments required £15

Autopay Online charges

The standard tariff for Autopay Online is:

£15 monthly fee | 35p per payment | There are no charges to add, edit or remove payees | There is no non-conformance charge


Your migration journey

You’ll receive a letter in the post. We’ll ask you to complete the migration form,confirm your registration details and nominate a primary administrator.

Once we’ve received your signed migration form, we’ll email the primary administrator a link to the system. Applications can take up to 10 working days to process subject to forms fully completed, and credit limit approval. 

The primary administrator will also receive a Multi-Factor Authentication Key Fob in the post. Both the Multi-factor Authentication Key Fob and registration email are required to login for the 1st time.

You’re now ready to start using Autopay Online.  Ensure you check your pre-populated account & payee details.


Help completing your migration form

Please complete in Block capitals, and in full. Any missing information will result in your application being rejected, and you will have to complete your form again.

  1. Populate your Business or limited company or firms name. This will need to match your account details (in section 4).
  2. Add your address – this should be the same as the address the Bank holds on file.
  3. Populate your primary administrator – this is the person who will control the access to the system and add/delete users.
  4. Add all your account details up to 6 accounts. The name on your account will need to match your company name (in section 1).
  5. Sign the RBS Autopay Online Agreement – this should be in accordance with your Bank Mandate.
  6. Section 6 is only required for clubs, societies and any other unincorporated bodies.
  7. Complete Direct Debit Mandate in full and return with your forms – this will be used for the collection of your payment file and charges.
Important documents

To migrate to Autopay Online please read and complete the form below along with the terms:

Common Questions

If I migrate to the new system, will I have to manually input all my payee details?

No, we will migrate across your payee details from the fax and phone system.


You will be able to delete/amend payees at your own convenience with no cost.

Can I add additional users to Autopay Online?

Yes, this can be done once the primary administrator has completed the initial system activation, full guidance and support will be available within Autopay Online.


Access can be restricted or allocated to each payment profile you create. 


Users will only be able to see the payments and history for the profiles they have been given access to.

My accountant or 3rd party currently processes my wages, can I give them access to the new system?

Yes, but we recommend a signatory or senior person at the business retains primary administrator access to Autopay Online.


You can create profiles for different payments: for example supplier payments or wages.

How will my transactions appear on my statement?

Transactions will appear as one entry on the statement with the narrative: D/D Autopay Online - the details of individual payments will be held on the system and accessed via the reports. 

What is a Multi-Factor Authentication Key Fob?

The Multi-Factor Authentication Key Fob is a small device generating a one off code every 30 seconds. This code will used as part of your log in and when making payments on Autopay Online.

Can I send a Multi-Factor Authentication Key Fob to a different address?

For security reasons, only the business address held on Bank records will be used.

How does my credit limit work?

When you move to Autopay Online, your credit limit will change to a 2 day rolling limit, which brings it in line with the Bacs 3 day cycle. 


As part of Autopay Online you will be able to check how much of your available credit limit you have left for each payment date for the next 31 days. 


If you were not aware you had a credit limit, and/or don't believe that reflects your needs please contact your Relationship Manager or Support team to discuss your requirements.   

When will you switch off my access to the legacy phone/fax Autopay?

Once you have activated Autopay Online and made your first payment, or after the date in your letter (which ever happens first).

Need more help?

For further queries on the migration process please email 


Once you receive your activation email, there will be full online support and a Helpdesk number to call.

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