Useful tips for corporate security | Royal Bank of Scotland

Create a culture of good practice at work

Restrict access to sensitive areas of the office – with identity tags or restricted access.
Keep tabs on sensitive material that is taken out of the office by staff.
Keep data and information secure - ensure all company data and customer information is properly security controlled.
Educate staff about password confidentiality and reinforce this regularly.
Check all information requests from your organisation are genuine. Never respond to requests for bank account details and passwords, by phone or email
Ignore suspicious emails – simply delete them unread, and be wary of links.
Shred almost everything before discarding.
Stop criminals getting in – make sure ‘employees’ linked to criminals can’t get into your organisation.
Stay up-to-date with Companies House - regularly check the registered details of your company and directors.
Check and review systems and processes with security in mind. Do this regularly and thoroughly.
Remember, skilled fraudsters will resort to subtlety and guile to trick people into disclosing valuable information. 

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