Bankline security | Royal Bank of Scotland


Never disclose your full Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password to anyone, even if prompted to do so. We would never ask you to do this.

Log on security

When you log on to Bankline, details are encrypted to keep your details safe. Keeping your information secure Bankline security protects the connection between our secure server and your browser. We also implement other controls to monitor and defend against attacks.

Audit logs

If you need to investigate, your administrator can request the audit log.

Access and rights

Restrict access

Only your business' designated users can access Bankline.

When you start using the service, we'll give your organisation a unique ID code (the ‘Customer ID') and other security information.

Security and payments

It's a very good idea to split the payment process. To make payments or some inter-account transfers you'll need authorisation via another layer of very powerful security.

Audit how people use Bankline

Bankline lets you control who uses the service and what they can do. You can limit the functions each user can perform, involving restrictions on individual account access.

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