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Our free Business Alerts service informs you by text or email about business account activity, including balance updates and important changes to your details.

It’s our way of helping you stay in control of your finances, so you can minimise overdraft charges and keep your account secure.

The alerts service is free. However, your mobile network provider may charge you for receiving a text message from your mobile phone and sometimes higher charges may apply if you are abroad. Please check your mobile network operator’s tariff for receiving text messages.

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What does it do

How it helps you



Account activity

Tells you about key activity on your account:

1.Debit card and PIN orders
2.Changes to personal details
3.Regular payments
4.Bills and third party payments such as Direct Debits and standing orders.

Keeps you informed about what’s happening on your account and helps prevent fraud.

Contact details

Confirms that changes have been made to your business address, mobile phone or email details.

Lets you check that any requested changes are authentic.

Balance on demand

Text us whenever you want your latest balance – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
(You'll be charged your normal SMS rate to send this text.)

Lets you know your balance – whenever you need it.

Act now

Warns you when your account is about to go in to overdraft.

Prompts you to pay in funds to minimise fees and overdraft charges.

Weekly balance

Sends an account balance at the time (a.m. or p.m.) and day (Mon to Fri) of your choice each week.

Lets you check your balance at the same time each week.

Upper or lower limit

Tells you when your account is about to go below or exceed limits set by you.

Helps you stay on top of your finances.

Branch appointment reminder

Reminder of meetings you’ve set up with your Business or Relationship Manager.

Makes sure you don’t miss important appointments.

Preferences update

Confirms latest changes to your email and text alert preferences.

Lets you decide how you want us to contact you.


Informs you of new products, services and offers.

Keeps you in the know about useful products and services.


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