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About Smarta Business Builder

This tool can help with:
• Running a VAT return
• Building a website
• Tapping into a 24/7 legal support helpline
• Getting your financial projections under control
Smarta Business Builder provides accounts, business planning, legal assistance, website builder and email software, with brands including Sage. You’ll receive a dashboard that provides single sign-on to each of the individual components.
Each product is available for subscription standalone, or as part of a bundle of similar products that are available at a discount.
Visit smarta.com today and sign up for a 30 day free trial - no payment information required.

Terms and conditions

The Legal helpline is the only product not included in 30 day free trial. For full terms and conditions visit smarta.com.

Sage One Accounts

The easy way to manage your accounts online - stay on top of your accounts in one straightforward package.

Easily manage your cash flow, invoicing, expenses and VAT online with Sage One. Accessing Sage One has been made easy.

“There is nothing more satisfying to see my financial position at a moment’s notice. In addition I have genuinely found the Sage One Customer Support line to be outstanding. The people at the other end of the phone are exceptional.”

Simon Middleton, Watershed

Business planning

Write a business plan

Writing a comprehensive business plan to share with investors and other stakeholders can be a difficult task with so many considerations about what to include and where. Smarta's LivePlan. has made business planning more straightforward.

“What a brilliant tool. It made a process I once feared, one I really enjoyed and learnt from - and the end result impressed not just me, but my business manager.”

Lyn Taylor, Room Ninety Two

Website development

Make your own website quickly and efficiently

Smarta's Moonfruit is designed to help even those with limited knowledge to launch their own website or online store.

Choose from hundreds of customised templates for each industry, designed to suit your business.

“I am no website designer, but the website builder was so easy to use and allowed me to design my website exactly how I wanted. This also means I can change it whenever I like, from any computer, without having to involve a third party.”

Rob Williams, Car Phone Company Ltd

Email Solution

Get organised: Professional, branded email addresses, tasks and appointments

Fusemail, is a cloud-based email solution, provideing users with professional company email addresses, also helping them organise their diary and appointments.

Legal assistance

Create personalised legal documents, letters and contracts

There are probably many things entrepreneurs would rather be doing than dealing with legal documents. But to create a great business and not protect it makes little sense. With Rapidocs, users can create step-by-step legal documents without any of the hassle.

“Smarta Business Builder has allowed us to create a number of essential legal documents. The legal tool led us through a straightforward question and answer system to create the documents, which saved us a fortune on legal bills – so important for a young company with cashflow to consider every step of the way.”

Derek Robinson, R&H Architecture Ltd

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