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Cash, cheques and drafts

Making and accepting payments

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You can deposit and withdraw notes and coins from any Royal Bank of Scotland branch. You can withdraw large volumes regularly, or small amounts on an ad hoc basis. You can save time by ordering amounts, and specific denominations, in advance. 


You can order change from one of our branches in advance using our change order form.


Cheque clearing cycle


Download our cheque clearing factsheet (PDF, 1506Kb)


You may need Adobe Reader to download this document. You can download it for free here.


Special cheques


We can provide you with contact details of accredited printers who can supply special cheque books personalised with your company logo and corporate design.


Cheque Guarantee Scheme


The Payments Council closed the Cheque Guarantee Scheme on 30 June 2011. While your business will still be able to accept and issue cheques, it will no longer be possible to guarantee cheques under the scheme.


Rather than continuing to accept cheques that are no longer guaranteed, you can ask your customers to make payments by debit or credit card or you can ask to be paid electronically, receiving payments directly into your account.


If you still accept cheques without a guarantee, there is a risk of the cheques being returned unpaid. Normally a cheque cannot be returned unpaid by someone any later than 6 working days after the day it was paid in.


Payments Council to keep cheques


The Payments Council has announced that the 2018 target date for closure of cheque clearing has been withdrawn, meaning that cheques will continue for as long as customers need them.


View the full statement on the Payments Council website


Banker's drafts


For larger value payments where cash is not appropriate, you can order a banker's draft from our branches. 

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