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How Rapport protects you

• Shields your online banking details from prying eyes
• Safeguards your identity
• Protects your details, even if your computer is infected

All you have to do is download Rapport – and let it protect your computer. 

Watch our video on how to keep your computer safe with Rapport

Keep your computer secure with Rapport 

Royal Bank Security Tips for your Business: Keep your computer secure with Rapport

About the threat

Your password and login information are valuable to fraudsters. That’s why criminals are always looking for new ways to steal your identity and take money from your bank account.

What's at stake?
Using hard-to-detect techniques, fraudsters could steal your details when you bank online. Fraudsters do this by tricking you – making you believe you’re sending these details to your bank.

In fact, the details could be going straight to the fraudsters instead – even if it looks like you’re on your bank’s website.
Unfortunately, antivirus software and firewalls alone can’t protect you from these attacks.

You've already got protection. Now enjoy even more cover.
You do your bit with antivirus software and a firewall – they're really important. However, criminals are getting more sophisticated – so even the best packages can't detect all the latest attacks.
Install Rapport, and you'll boost your security – making it even harder for fraudsters to intercept your login details.

Antivirus, firewalls and Rapport – working together
To defend your personal details, you need to use Rapport alongside antivirus software and a firewall.

Here’s how each type of protection works:

• Antivirus – helps to stop threats, by scanning your computer and looking for suspicious files
• Firewall – hides your computer from attackers, and helps stop criminals getting data in and out of your computer.
• Rapport – locks down the connection between your machine and NatWest Online banking. It checks our site is genuine, and stops your data going to counterfeit sites.

Features and benefits

It’s essential to install Rapport – here’s why:

Why choose Rapport?
• Peace of mind – Rapport tells you that you really are connected to Bankline, and not a fraudulent website.
• Protect your passwords – shut out criminals spying on your online banking details.
• Ahead of the game – Rapport stops fraudsters in their tracks, without relying on constant updates.
• Fast – Rapport is a small piece of software. It’s designed to let your computer work just as quickly as before.
• Proven & award winning – Rapport has won several IT industry accolades, including European Web Fraud Prevention Product of the Year in the prestigious Frost & Sullivan awards.

Easy to use
• Ready to protect – the software is ready to protect your online business banking with NatWest.
• Flexible – you can set up the software to protect any website that uses private or personal data.
• Ahead of the game – Rapport stops fraudsters in their tracks, without relying on constant updates.
• Fast – Rapport is a small piece of software. It’s designed to let your computer work just as quickly as before.

Extra protection
Works alongside your antivirus software and firewall – simply keep your current protection in place, and enjoy the extra protection of Rapport.


Before you download, check Rapport works with your computer.

Rapport works with the latest versions of the following operating systems and browsers:


  Operating system Browser Download software

PC users

Microsoft Windows (XP and above)

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Download Rapport for PC

Mac users

OS X 10.5 and above (Intel only)


Mozilla Firefox

Download Rapport for Mac

Please note: Rapport does not support pre-release versions of operating systems and browsers such as release candidate, beta or alpha/development versions.

For more information see Trusteer's website.

Screen reading software
Trusteer Rapport will work with screen readers, so you can install it. Some functionality, however, will not be available.

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