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Enjoy a secure and fully integrated payments and reporting solution from your IT system to RBS

An automated payments and reporting solution

Bankline Direct integrates your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Treasury Management System (TMS) seamlessly with the bank. The integration creates a two way direct communication channel, which is supported with sophisticated security protocols. Clients can quickly and easily send a single transaction or a file containing multiple domestic or international payments, and receive comprehensive payment status updates and reports. 

Why use Bankline Direct?
Scalable and flexible

Through the ability to process high volumes of payments and provide automated reporting, Bankline Direct supports your business as it grows. You can customise the solution in accordance with your needs by choosing from a variety of industry standard formats, frequency of reports, and connectivity types.

Safe and secure

Bankline Direct keeps your finances safe with the latest security and encryption technologies. Our channel offers a range of secure internet-based and SWIFT connectivity options as well as additional security features, such as digital signing options. 

Easy reconciliation

The channel has comprehensive reporting capabilities, sending you information that you can use automatically within your own systems. This includes payment status updates, balance and transactional information.

Payment power

Send money quickly and cheaply using domestic payments or international payments. You can also send a file of payments including a single payment instruction, multiple payment instructions or a bulk list.

Comprehensive support

We have expert sales and implementation teams to support you every step of the way; helping you to choose the features and formats that meet your business need, and guiding you through implementation and extensive testing.

With SWIFT MyStandards, you can now choose to test and validate your financial messages using an easy, self-service tool, and once live, the Bankline Direct Helpdesk will then be on hand to answer your every day queries. 

Suitable for financial institutions

Bankline Direct offers Financial Institutions the capability to make Bank Grade payments or Non Bank Grade payments. 

More about Bankline Direct

Connectivity and security

Bankline Direct offers a choice of secure connectivity options through internet-based solutions, such as Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Connect: Direct Secure +, as well as through the SWIFT Network via. SWIFTNet FileAct and SWIFTNet Fin.


Bankline Direct also offers additional digital signing and encryption options for enhanced security. These options include: a Hardware Security Module (HSM) or Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).

Payments and collections

Bankline Direct has a variety of payment options to meet your needs whether paying for goods and services in the UK or overseas. Formats such as csv, XML ISO20022, SWIFT MT and ISO8583 are available.

Domestic payments

Your business can make payments using Faster Payments or CHAPS through Bankline Direct

  • Faster Payments is a service for making payments under £250,000. You can request an immediate transfer of funds, or a future dated payment.
  • CHAPS enables same-day high value payments to be made within the UK 

International payments

International payments are those that are made overseas or payments sent within the UK in a non-GBP currency. This also includes SEPA credit transfers (euro next day).

Inter-account transfers (IATs)

Your business can transfer funds between sterling and currency accounts registered on Bankline Direct as often as you like. In most cases the transferred funds are visible and available for use immediately. Interest continues to be calculated on the closing balances of your accounts every day.

SEPA Direct Debit origination

The channel also supports the collection of Euro funds via. SEPA Direct Debit Origination (CORE scheme). SEPA Direct Debits can be collected from all SEPA countries into a single Euro account held at RBS. 

Bulk Lists

Bulk Lists are payments involving a bulked single debit and multiple credits. A file can include multiple transactions of the same payment type and you can submit any of the following UK Domestic payment types in a Bulk List:- 

  • Immediate Faster Payments
  • Future Dated Faster Payments

Financial institutions

Bankline Direct supports Faster Payments, CHAPS and International Payments made and received on behalf of your clients. Details of payments made to your Sort Code are reported via the Bankline Direct service, enabling you to meet regulatory requirements for updating your clients’ accounts.

Acknowledgements and reporting

Bankline Direct has comprehensive reporting capabilities, sending you information that you can use automatically within your own systems. This includes payment status updates, balance and transactional information, reconciliation and system activity reporting.

File Acknowledgements

If you have sent a payment file via Bankline Direct, initial validation is performed on the file. If your file is successful then a positive File Status Notification is returned to you. If the file contains errors or is a duplicate, a negative File Status Notification (FSN) will be sent, to alert you of the reason for failure.

Payment acknowledgements

Bankline Direct will provide you with payment acknowledgements for payments that have not been successful and will include the reason for rejection.


Account information reports (statements) will provide information such as balance and transactions details. We offer a range of industry standard formats such as SWIFT MT and IS0 20022 XML. The most commonly used reports are;

  • End of Day Reports contain information such as last night’s ledger balances, and cleared balances, as well as the transaction details for the previous day’s payments. 
  • Intra Day Reports - choose the frequency of your intraday reports, which depending on your format will include updated balances, plus any transactions not included on previous intraday reports. 


We charge a one off set up fee, monthly fee (dependent on usage), plus individual fees for making and receiving payments.

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